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Smart Straw

Every Sip Counted


The Wakulla Smart Straw tracks a user’s water intake throughout the day to ensure that the user is properly hydrated. If the user falls behind in their water consumption, the connected app will remind the user to drink more water as well as the top of the straw will illuminate as a visual reminder to drink.

Using staggered sensors on the sides of the straw, the Wakulla Smart Straw can accurately determine how much water the user has consumed.

Frame 1.png

The user can see their progress throughout the day by checking the app to see exactly how much water they have consumed.


Colored chewing guards allow for users to customize their straws. This allows the user to differentiate their straw from others.


Wireless Charging dock included for easy charging

Silicone bite guard that protects the user's teeth for straw biters

Every Sip Counted

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